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What is Green in THIS Century?
A Discussion with Stewart Brand

Workshop Organiser(s):
Michael DanielsEcoSummit 2012 Local Host Committee, Franklin County, USA

Current climate science, ecological science, urbanization demographics, and continuing breakthroughs in biotechnology compel a complete rethinking of environmental strategies for this century. Transgenic agriculture, it turns out, is Green and could be Greener. Nuclear power is Green and could be Greener. Cities are Green and could be Greener, defusing the population bomb and ending destructive subsistence agriculture. Direct, subtle engineering of the climate may become a necessity. With emerging biotech, extinct species can be brought back to life and repopulate the wild. Ecological restoration is being rethought in light of climate adaptation and ecosystem services, so that some Green organizations are revising their core function from "Protecting wildlands from people" to "Protecting natural systems for people." As human stewardship of the planet is shifting from a fantasy to a necessity, our role is shifting from guardians to gardeners.

Keywords: Futurism, strategies

Workshop Format: Lecture followed by audience questions

Workshop Duration: 1.5 hours

Workshop Participants:

Stewart Brand, c/o Tracy Chabak, Monitor Talent, Cambridge, MA, USA

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