This caterpillar yacht takes you from the front door to the sea

Marine iguanas are the amphibian animals par excellence. They swim freely in the sea, but they also walk smoothly on land. So it seems appropriate to call an amphibian ship manufacturer, Iguana Yachts. His latest creation is the Iguana X100, a caterpillar boat that takes you from the sea to your doorstep, without you having to get off the boat.

Iguana Yachts is a French boat manufacturer based in Caen, Normandy. He has specialized in developing amphibian ships, which are capable of both navigating and traveling on land, with an original retractable system of caterpillar wheels, similar to those used by tanks.

The Iguana X100 amphibious ship is a RIB, a semi-rigid boat, which has a rigid keel wrapped in inflatable rubber. It is 10 meters long, and you can see it in action in this video:

It is a very manageable and powerful boat, designed for family leisure. Thanks to its 600 hp twin turbine engine reaches 55 miles per hour. And you can surf waves of more than a meter in height.

But it is not an electric boat: its 500-liter fuel tank offers a range of 150 nautical miles. It can carry a load of 2 tons, so it can also be used as a supply ship.

Its distinctive features are its caterpillar wheels, which allow it to circulate on the sand of the beach, dirt roads, and asphalt. It is even capable of climbing slopes of up to 29%. Of course, it cannot circulate on the road due to its low speed, but it can cross roads, secondary roads and other passages where it does not interrupt circulation. Wheels are hidden in the hull when sailing.

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The amphibian boat Iguana X100 has a starting price of 230,000 euros, but it can be personalized with different packs focused on fishing, comfort or technology.

The perfect solution if you have a house near the beach, and a lot of money in your checking account …

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