‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ sees Lee Gon announce Tae-eul as queen, letting Seo-ryeong’s secret out

‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ in episode 12 delves additional into how King Lee Gon (Lee Min-ho) was capable of hint Tae-eul’s (Kim Go-eun) whereabouts so shortly. Whereas within the earlier episode it appeared as if he discovered her after receiving a telephone name, it was revealed that Lee Gon had anticipated Lee Lim to make a transfer on somebody near him — Tae-eul — to barter for the piece of highly effective flute that Lee Gon possesses. It’s whereas monitoring her whereabouts with the assistance of CCTV surveillance that Lee Gon finds her close to the Busan Palace and instructions his safety drive to guard her and save her. He additionally introduced to his world that Tae-eul (Jung Eun-chae) would be the queen thereby placing Prime Minister Koo Seo-ryeong’s place in jeopardy. 

Initially, although, Search engine optimisation-ryeong does not react to this information formally or off the report and that is unusual as a result of her ambition was to turn into the queen. She has been manipulating the media to make it appear as if she and Lee Gon have been in a relationship. Lee Gon did not deflect the eye, however he did not verify speculations both and that is what gave him area to now announce Tae-eul as queen. How he plans on explaining her existence in a world the place no data of her exist is one thing that solely the long run episodes can clarify. 

For now although, each Lee Gon and Tae-eul are busy tracing Lee Lim’s actions and gathering as a lot details about their enemy as potential. Three issues usually are not clear although. First, if individuals from the 2 worlds proceed to journey forwards and backwards any additional the time that stops simply seconds, will freeze perpetually. If that have been to occur, individuals on each side of the gate will find yourself changing into out of date. Second, the ache that Lee Gon feels each time there may be thunder is one thing that Lee Lim and lots of different individuals additionally expertise however not all. For example, Tae-eul has been touring forwards and backwards as properly, nonetheless, there isn’t a ache in her. So is it random? Or is there a rule that Lee Gon hasn’t grasped as of now?

Kim Go-eun and Lee Min-ho in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’. (SBS)

That is one thing to ponder on. Third, if Lee Lim succeeded in taking the magical flute from Lee Gon, the door to the opposite universe will shut down perpetually for him. This can even finish his relationship with Tae-eul if they don’t achieve capturing Lee Lim and punishing him. Even as each Tae-eul and Lee Gon cope with these questions and be taught extra in regards to the interactions between the 2 worlds, extra discrepancies start to come up.

For example, how is it potential that Search engine optimisation-ryeong who was unaware of the existence of the opposite world ended up on the cafe run by Na-ri. Jo Yeong someway realizes that the lady is the PM of his world and even follows her solely to get shot at by somebody. The wound is much like the one which Eun-seop suffered whereas defending Lee Gon. Na-ri additionally has a dialog with Jo-yeong and tells him that she is having a wierd deja vu nowadays the place she sees herself with somebody who seems to be precisely like Jo Yeong (Eun-seop).

She additionally particulars that the Na-ri that she sees in these scenes has quick hair too. Is that this a sign of two worlds colliding? Will additional interplay lead to extra destruction than Lee Gon can comprehend? Simply when he’s attempting to ponder all of this, Search engine optimisation-ryeong arrives on the palace. She has simply returned and didn’t know that Tae-eul has been introduced as the queen. It’s when she and the king are talking in regards to the announcement and her place that the thunder drops once more and shockingly Search engine optimisation-ryeong additionally has burns on the aspect of her face and neck as Lee Gon has on his shoulders. 

A nonetheless of Lee Gon and Search engine optimisation-ryeong in ‘The King: Eternal Monarch’ episode 12. (SBS)

Lee Lim’s plans pervade a lot deeper than we or Lee Gon had anticipated is what you’ll suppose at first. Nonetheless, if you watch Court docket Woman Noh’s dialog with Tae-eul, we understand that one thing actually is amiss. Turns out Court docket Woman Noh had come over to the Kingdom of Corea from the Republic of Korea in 1950 when the struggle had struck between North Korea and South. She tries to collect details about this struggle from Tae-eul; who’s as shocked as all of us at studying that not simply Shin-jae, her detective associate, however there are others — many others — who’ve traveled between the worlds. 

We’ll see how Lee Gon will cope with Seo-ryeong’s secret subsequent week and the way he’ll react to the reality of his most trusted advisor Court docket Woman’s Noh’s secret as properly. 

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