Samsung will bring wireless charging to its most affordable mobiles

Samsung plans to implement wireless charging in the next affordable mobiles it will bring to market with the aim of boosting sales.

Sometimes we have talked about the advance in batteries and the increasing demands that mobiles have with respect to them. With the optimization of the screens and refresh rates or 5G connectivity not only does it require an increase in autonomy, it must also be faster and more comfortable to load, and one of the perspectives that is handled is the one that refers to wireless charging.

Samsung wants wireless charging to be deployed to as many mobile phones as possible and hopes that it will soon be in the next Galaxy A series and all the affordable devices that come onto the market to attract the attention of users.

As reported by the Android Authority, of that series at the moment only the Galaxy A90 has wireless charging, but it is very likely that it will also reach The next models of the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 series.

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This implementation will go with the intention to improve sales and curb the falls they are suffering in some of their flagships. But we are not talking about a bet for the distant future, according to The Elec, it could reach models from the last quarter of 2020.

To achieve it now has requested an increase in production at the company Chemtronics, located in India, the same that manufactures the charging systems for the Galaxy S20. But this movement also leads to complicating negotiations with manufacturers in seeking to adjust prices as much as possible.

This turn from Samsung may not be the only one given the enormous advance that the mobiles of Chinese manufacturers are having that do not stop growing in sales and reduce the margins and niches of the competition. We will wait for the official announcements made by the South Korean company in the future.

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