Jane Goldman recalls the tight deadlines of X-Men: First Generation

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The movie “X Men First generation” It was a project that surprised at the time. This prequel brought the revitalization that was needed to the X-Men saga in the cinema after the original trilogy. After some ideas, this prequel film emerged as a combination of different projects that were being developed at the time, such as Magneto’s original film or the Hellfire Club project.

Despite the fact that there were many ideas, it was a project with which the deadlines were very tight, partly due to the situation in which the director Matthew Vaugh found himself, since when he joined the project he was caught completely by his work in Kick-Ass. In fact, between the premieres of both films there were only 14 months and it was necessary to turn the script rewriting around, made by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz, along with the tandem Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughn.

In a recent interview, Jane Goldman He has commented on all the pressure they experienced to be able to finish the script on time, to the point of having to work in the same hospital room that Claudia Schiffer, Matthew Vaughn’s wife was in, since she had just had a baby.

They wanted to have the script written in three weeks as they went straight to pre-production. I remember that [Matthew] and I met in his hospital room. She was very tolerant.

I would go home and write for 16 hours a day. I remember it was a very, very hectic time and Matthew was already looking at the sets and the actors. I remember it was a great fight.

In fact, for a time prior to the release of the film, they were commenting that there were certain problems around the film, even criticizing that the material that had been shot was not particularly good, and that they were working against the clock to solve all those problems. . Not much more was known about it, but perhaps that frenetic pace of work in the pre-production phase triggered later problems.

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